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25 Handpicked Expired Domains Available to Register (All Two-Word .Coms)

By on June 1, 2010

Handpicked Expired Domains

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I made sure to doubly relax to prepare for a busy week. I haven’t even tweeted!

New Forum Launch & Contest Tomorrow

The new DotSauce forum will be officially launching tomorrow and will feature a contest for cash and prizes.

Be sure to come back to see the new forum platform and join for a chance to win! If you would like a sneak peek later tonight, send me a message on Twitter and I will get back to you with an invite, time permitting.

Handpicked Expired Domains

The following recently expired domains were handpicked for quality, development or resale potential.

You can register them for just $6.89/year with this link to GoDaddy.com.

This weeks list is a little short. So, act fast before they are mostly gone and stay tuned for the next list.

  • FeatureBooks.com
  • ScanSports.com
  • ExposingScams.com
  • HobbyChefs.com
  • TextNotebook.com
  • ProductWidget.com
  • ScandalsBlog.com
  • WireFramer.com
  • MediaTabs.com
  • SlimServe.com
  • ScreenCasted.com
  • LockPicked.com
  • PromoFrame.com
  • PasswordSentry.com
  • TouchBuilder.com
  • InvestingGlobal.com
  • SocialTranslator.com
  • PinkCommunity.com
  • TweetLite.com
  • TweetsToday.com
  • BorrowingCapital.com
  • ShirtSpecial.com
  • SearchObserver.com

These two domains are from the winner of my Crowdsourced Domain Research experiment.

  • EthnicHandbags.com
  • CatRemoval.com

Register these domains for just $6.89/year with this link to GoDaddy.com.

You can scan up to 5 domain names free at Estibot 2.0 for a comprehensive overview of stats.

Please note!

  • Do not re-post this domain list anywhere.
  • Be sure to use a reputable bulk lookup tool.
  • Do not bulk register; only claim the domain(s) you truly want.
  • Comments make me happy! :)

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