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11 Great Tips From Top Domaining Professionals

By on December 10, 2007

DomainBits is a fairly new domain industry blog that has started off with a handful of great articles for domainers. The author, Jeff, contacted me last week and asked me to share my best tip for beginning domainers. I was enthused to contribute what I consider to be a solid tip for those starting to invest in domain names:

My Contribution

“I believe the most important tip that I would give to any beginning Domainer would have to be ‘Sell, sell and sell some more!‘ I believe many people in this industry place too much emphasis on the ‘priceless’ value of their domains. Beginners need to focus on making a profit from buying or registering domain names for cheap and re-selling them at a reasonable profit. It is essential to go through the process of registering and re-selling a decent quality domain a few times. Each sale is a unique learning experience.

– Mark Fulton, DotSauce.com

Jeff’s Response

“Anyone who has been through the dotcom crash knows that paper profits aren’t worth much. The value of a domain is greatly influenced by the probability you are going to be able to sell it and what the chances are of getting end user interest in the domain. Selling a few domains is a very worthwhile focus for beginners.”

– Jeff, DomainBits.com

10 More Tips From Domaining Professionals

I am featured in the DomainBits article entitled “Become the Next Domain Multi-Millionaire – Learn the Domain Secrets of the Experts” along with 10 other domain industry professionals. I highly encourage you to click on through and read the rest of the great domaining tips. Don’t forget to subscribe to the DomainBits RSS feed while you are there.


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