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105 Resources for Web Developers

By on August 9, 2007

SoftwareDeveloper has just published a Jay-Z inspired resource article entitled “I Got 99 Problems but Developing Ain’t One.” A comprehensive list of online resources for software and web application developers, designers, code monkeys and hacker enthusiasts. It occurred to me that some of my personal favorite resources were missing from this list even though they covered almost all the bases.

In addition to the aforementioned massive list,
I present to you DotSauce’s Top 5 Picks for Web Developer Resources.

Web Developer Blog: roScripts

An amazing array of top-notch articles, scripts, code snippets and a budding forum community. Under the “Resources” section you will find a digg voting style system with some great user submitted content. roScripts is really by developers and for developers.

Web Developer Forum: v7n Networks

A very popular blog network gives way to a very active and well managed forum community for web professionals. Be sure to check out the Domain Name industry and sales forums. You can also get in touch with me here (DotSauce).

Web Development Code: PHP Resource Index

This script resource index is many many years in the making. You can find some excellent free and paid scripts nicely organized by functionality. A nice alternative to the sponsored listing ridden HotScripts.

Web Development Resources: SmashingMagazine’s Toolbox

SmashingMag is technically in blog format but they categorize certain special types of articles which include loads of unique niche resources into their ToolBox. 10 Tips for Investing in Domains, a DotSauce article, was recently featured in the Web Domains: Tools to Use, Articles to Read feature.

Web Developer Print Magazine: .NET Practical Web Design

I am a proud subscriber to this magazine. For some reason at bookstores in the US it goes by the name of “Practical Web Design.” However, .NET magazine by any name is an amazing publication which features an interactive resource CD with each issue and loads of awesome articles on design & development.

So it seems you like ginormous lists with awesome tools? Check this out too!
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