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10 Outstanding (and Affordable) Scripts for Developing Your Domains

By on December 16, 2007

The domainers have spoken and it is now fairly common knowledge that in almost all instances developing domains is more profitable than parking domains. Here I have compiled my personal favorite out-of-the-box scripts for developing domain names.

#1 – PHPBB

Type: Forum Community
Price: Free!
Description: This amazing forum script has been in development for many years. In the past I have developed communities of thousands of members using phpBB. It’s user friendly control panel and plethora of free modifications and themes make it ideal for someone starting up their first forum.
Example: WiiFitForum.com

#2 – PHP Link Directory

Type: Link Directory
Price: $29
Description: One of the most popular directory scripts online. I have personally used PHPLD for many great projects. It has a very user friendly administration and it’s template files can be modified fairly easily. There is a large community of active members offering support and modifications.
Example: LinksComplete.com

#3 – Pligg

Type: Social Link Sharing
Price: Free!
Description: This cool script was essentially founded as a clone of the popular site Digg. It has since grown up on it’s own and has a strong following. Developing a Pligg site is not the easiest thing in the world to do, but if you are up for some code hacking it can really pay off.
Example: DNHour.com

#4 – WordPress

Type: Content Management System
Price: Free!
Description: This script needs no introduction! With one of the largest communities of users on the web, WordPress is a blogging solution for any need. Even if the main focus of your development project is not to post articles or updates, you would be wise to use WordPress alongside any project.
Example: MarkFulton.com :)

#5 – Bulk Domain Research

Type: SEO Tool
Price: $19
Description: This is a great script that I am selling here on DotSauce. It is packed with domain name research features that quickly shows you stats on a bulk list of domains such as PageRank, Domain Age, Alexa Rank, Backlinks and lots more. The example site below generates good AdSense earnings for me. There is also an exclusive option to purchase with reseller rights.
Example: BulkSEO.com

#6 – paFileDB

Type: File Download Directory
Price: Free!
Description: Designed to allow you to have a database of files for download. I have used this script on one project (see example) and found it to be easy to install and use. It lacks user memberships and/or an easy way for visitors to suggest files for upload. As a simple directory of files it is great.
Example: PHPmod.com

#7 – PHPAuction GPL

Type: Auctions
Price: $24
Description: Beautifully designed and full featured auction script. Has support for custom CSS themes. Administration is user friendly. Great potential to earn money if you put some quality time into developing a niche auction service.
Example: Official Demo

#8 – Funny Pics & Videos Script

Type: Turnkey Video Site
Price: $59
Description: Allows you to quickly build a humor video and pictures website. The script is designed to crawl several websites and update data every hour. Content is pulled from popular humor websites. Comes packaged with a professional design
Example: BestFunSpot.com

#9 – AV Arcade

Type: Gaming Arcade
Price: Free!
Description: This is the most feature filled free arcade script available. Included is a skin/template system, commenting, SEO friendly links, ratings, statistics and more. Drop in your AdSense code and promote.
Example: SurfArcade.com

#10 – Plogger

Type: Photo Gallery
Price: Free!
Description: An excellent and user friendly next generation open-source photo gallery. The default layout is a clean CSS based design just begging to be customized. Administration is very cool and easy to develop album and gallery trees.
Example: MouthCancerFoundation.org


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