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10 More Quality .Coms Discounted to $19 for DotSauce Domain Club Members

By on March 25, 2011

I’m pleased to be adding 10 more domain names to the DotSauce Domain Club inventory sooner than expected. Just last week I added 11 domain names and several of those and other domains from our inventory have been claimed already.

Premium level Domain Club members are taking advantage of heavily discounted pricing of just $19 for any domain featured in our inventory.

New Domain Club Inventory for March 25

This update shows that while we do display stats and analytics provided by Estibot, these numbers do not always reflect the actual resale potential or value of certain types of domain names.

The Domain Club features great keyword and product domains, however, we also include quality brand names like Marriposa (female name) and profitable business and technology ideas like MembershipBlogs.

More examples of this include SearchObserver which may not be a popular term, but would make an exceptional brand name for an SEO blog and TouchDrummer would be an ideal name for a tablet PC application.

Dozens more domains are available to Domain Club Members and additional domains will be added regularly. Members also have exclusive access to articles and resource guides on domain sales, plus personal consultation.

For details on our quality domain inventory and the many additional features and services, visit the DotSauce Domain Club page for membership info, pricing and to signup.

Handpicked Expired Domains

Yesterday I published the second exclusive available domain name list at our private forum for Domain Club Pro and Business level members. In total, there are 54 nice .com domains that are still available to register as of the time of this posting. Also be sure to check out the new resources while you’re there and feel free to contribute your own.

Free Domain Advertising

You may have noticed a new section on the DotSauce sidebar labeled “Domains For Sale.” This area is currently offered exclusively to Domain Club Pro and Business members to advertise one of their domain names for sale to the thousands of unique visitors that visit DotSauce Magazine each month. Members can submit domain listing details here.

Please let me know if you have any questions about our $19 inventory, available domains or any other DotSauce Domain Club features and services.


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