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10 Free Domain Tools I Am Most Thankful For

By on November 25, 2010

I am thankful to be involved in the domain name industry. It’s an honor to work alongside so many savvy businessmen, developers and entrepreneurs. I know many domainers have already helped mold the internet into a better place and we are just getting started.

On this Thanksgiving, I would like to give a special thanks to the select domain tools I use frequently that are made freely available to everyone.

  1. DomainTools WhoIs – Comprehensive domain history
  2. Google AdWords Keyword Tool – Keyword research data
  3. FreshDrop – Domain buying research
  4. Estibot – Automated appraisals and statistics
  5. Domaining.com – Industry news and editorials
  6. WordPress – Blogging and content management
  7. DNJournal Sales Reports – Ron Jackson reports top sales
  8. Moniker Bulk Domain Lookup – Fast and safe lookups
  9. SEOSiteCheckup – Choice SEO research tool
  10. NamePros – Industry discussion forum

You can find handy bookmarklets here for several of these free tools.

I hope you enjoy these essential domain tools and research resources. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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