5 Tips on Using Social for SEO

By on November 28, 2011

Social media is often overlooked in its roll as an element of SEO. In this article I share 5 areas of interest along with some suggestions for using social media marketing and social networking to increase you presence and rankings on search engines.

1. Set the Right Twitter Name

Just the name, no frills.

One of the most powerful tips for ranking high for your personal or brand name is to carefully craft your Twitter profile name. Not the username, but the name associated with the profile that gets displayed as the page title.

Use the keyword, name or phrase you want to rank for. No other words, characters or icons.

Image via Flickr.

Over time your profile will gain backlinks from yourself and your own website and likely dozens more from Twitter profile directories and applications. An active profile almost always has a shot at ranking on page 1.

2. Fresh Content and Embedding Twitter Updates

One of the latest updates to Google’s search algorithm is rewarding fresh content. Google recently reported they’ve implemented this update which applies to queries posed in a way in which the newest content would be the most beneficial for the searcher.

The latest news and most-recent resources in your industry may be receiving a big traffic boost.

In other news from Google, it has been confirmed that indexing of dynamic content such as AJAX/JavaScript is now live. This includes elements like Twitter status updates widgets and advanced commenting platforms like Disqus and Facebook Comments.

Social media updates are often a source of fresh content, so these two Google updates go hand-in-hand.

3. Sharing for More Than Backlinks

Sharing your content is probably one of the most common, yet most under-utilized SEO techniques. Many website owners believe that there is not any direct SEO benefit to sharing links on Facebook or Twitter because the links are shortened, redirected, and tagged no-follow. What they’ve failed to realize is that SEO is no longer all about backlinks.

Search engines now monitor social media activity and may reward unique and valuable shares. It’s also been confirmed that no-follow links do provide some value.

Be sure to have the latest sharing button embed codes and make use of them to spread your content.

4. Engagement on Google+

The +1 button may not seem like much now, but overtime its value will prove great in terms of SEO. As more people adopt Google+ as their social network of choice, the addition of +1’s and share data will make your search results very attractive.

A page with a lot of recommendations may gain a significant boost within your network as well as friends of friends.

StudioPress has been shared on Google+.

This should encourage you to add new people of interest to your circles to grow your Google+ network. You should also advertise the Google+1 button prominently.

I’d be thrilled if you gave DotSauce Magazine the honor of a recommendation on Google+! The button is at the top right near the newsletter subscription.

5. Learning More About SEO

Likely the most valuable contribution social media provides to SEO is the latest news. Your lists, circles, groups or wall can be an excellent resource for broadening your knowledge on SEO.

Follow industry leading publications and known SEO experts to stay up-to-date on the latest in a constantly evolving industry.

I share SEO and social media marketing updates which inspire and inform me on Twitter @DotSauce and the DotSauce Facebook page. Follow and connect to keep informed.

Thank you for reviewing my tips on leveraging social media for SEO benefit. Please leave a comment below if you would like to contribute one of your own. Best of luck and happy networking.


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Mark is the Founder of DotSauce Magazine and a full time web developer, domain investor, SEO and online marketing professional residing in North Carolina, USA. Visit MarkFulton.com for information on freelance website development, SEO and consultation services.
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    Twitter is an ongoing conversation. It flows quickly, evolves and gives people a chance to take part.

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    Twitter is an ongoing conversation. It flows quickly, evolves and gives people a chance to take part.

  • shamim ahmed

    is there an option to change The username in Twitter because the name of my current account do not support any keyword.  

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    Great article, however, I’m not sure I agree about Google +. I use it and have had some very limited success with it, but it seems like people are always talking about how it will be better and more widely used someday. Sometimes I think it’s just speculation. Hopefully, I’m wrong.

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