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Using Rich Media and Fresh Data To Market Your Domains For Sale

By on April 9, 2010

Some of the best new domain marketplaces require your listings to have a description and related media. Live auctions at Bido and Rick Latona’s new Latonas.com are taking advantage of rich media and detailed data to attract interest in domains and convert potential bidders into informed buyers.

Here are four tips for improving the descriptions of your domains for sale in live auctions, new marketplaces and even industry forums.

1. The Oldest Trick In The Book

Searching domain sales history for comparable sales is standard practice for marketing domains for sale. If you can find a domain closely related (i.e. using the same keyword) this is a great starting point.

The largest database of past domain sales can be searched, sorted and browsed at NameBio and for the latest top sales stay tuned to DNJournal weekly sales reports.

Including truly comparable past domain sales in your descriptions is one of the best ways to prove value and reinforce your asking price.

2. Finding A Related Image The Easy Way

If your domain name contains generic keywords this may not be a problem at all. Search Google Images for keywords related to yours and you will likely find a great photo. It may help to use search filters for size or type and when you’ve found a good one, click “similar images” just in case a better quality file is available.

For some domains that are brandable, niche, or otherwise unique, finding the right image can be an ordeal. Try searching for images using keywords or action words indirectly related to your concept. For example, a domain about blogging may be tough to find a representative image. A search for “woman blogging” or “typing laptop” may yield better results.

Smashing Mag has the big list of free and commercial stock photo sites to check out as well.

3. Nice Domain! What’s It’s Story?

Your domain may have great keywords, but as I’ve said before when writing about expiring domain research, having up-to-date data to back up those keywords is very beneficial.

The launch of version 2 of Estibot’s excellent suite of domain research tools has been great. Their automated appraisals can provide a quick overview of one or many domain names, scowering the web for interesting data.

Here’s an example of one Bido auction that did a great job describing their domain and using Estibot data to show value.

Here is a brief run-down of the most important domain name metrics:

  • Domain Age – Older domains, specifically those created several years ago shows rarity. DomainTools has the most comprehensive history.
  • Exact Match Search Results – The number of results on Google for a search (using quotation marks around keywords).
  • Existing Advertisings – When advertisers are paying for your domain’s keywords it’s a strong indication of domain value.
  • Average Cost-Per-Click – Again, finding out just what advertisers are paying gives an outlook of potential revenue.
  • Google Pagerank – Often this will not be present, but is definitely worth mentioning if it is.
  • Traffic / Visitors – Domains that receive type-ins or regular unique visitors are highly sought-after. Ideally collect the data yourself, but Estibot may provide insight.
  • Other Extensions Taken – Sometimes useful to mention the other extensions the domain has been taken in.

4. Show How To Make Your Domain Go To Work

Sales copy is important as it’s usually the first thing a potential buyer will read. If you have the option to format text, do so by separating ideas with paragraphs and highlighting important information with bold text.

I try to envision what my domains will be used for and write a brief description of what I feel is the best usage of a particular domain. Feel free to browse a few descriptions of domains found on my AQDN.com marketplace to see what I mean.

The goal is to entice bidders to clearly see your vision or “mini-business plan” for a domain. You can also share how similar domains are used, developed and monetized.

Don’t be afraid to get technical and provide examples of existing technologies or services that could be used to develop a domain. Bidders may not be aware of a domain’s real potential.

A good image, description and data can go a long way towards increasing interest, bids, sales prices and ultimately making more sales. If you have any tips of your own for creating enticing and informative descriptions for your domain sales please consider sharing in the comment area below.


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