Sneak Peek into the Tucows, Inc. Domain Portfolio

By on February 20, 2008

DomainNameWire tipped me off to this press release from Tucows, Inc. entitled “Tucows Reveals Key Domain Name Portfolio Assets.” Most likely announced to drum up interest with stock investors.

Tucows (AMEX:TCX) is a longstanding ICANN accredited domain registrar, web hosting and Internet Service Provider, and maintains one of the most popular software download websites. The company holds a domain name portfolio of over 150,000 domain names that are available for sale.

Peek Inside Their Portfolio

Over 1,000 “Gems” (Sample 100 included below)
39,000 Surnames, 65 percent of North American last names.
22,000 Brandable names
88,000 Direct Navigation names. (Monetized with Pay-per-click)

The Tucows portfolio team strategically sells some of its names via live and silent auction, some are bundled and sold individually to interested parties, and some are leased to businesses on a multi-year term.

Real Gems or Cheap Imitations?

Some may find the claim that these domains are “premium” or “gems” to be false. In my opinion they have excellent development and branding potential. Many could be used to compliment existing companies and organizations. The age of these domains (majority registered prior 2000) plays a factor in increased value as well.

This announcement by Tucows may be intended to drum up interest for potential investors. I would have to agree that the current (AMEX: TCX) stock price of $.68 per share does not reflect the value of their domain portfolio.


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