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    The Best SEO Advice I’ve Read All Year

    The industry leaders at Search Engine Land recently published an outstanding article that provides unique insight into optimizing your website for search engine success. The article reveals 25 super common SEO mistakes, but surprisingly the list does...

    • Posted October 30, 2010
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  • Optimizing Your Website for Mobile, the iPad and Now Your TV

    PadPressed was originally introduced by entrepreneur Jason Baptiste a few months ago. It’s a plugin solution for making your WordPress blog look nice on the Apple iPad, much like WPTouch does for mobile devices. The newest release, CoverPad takes the...

    • Posted October 23, 2010
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  • How To Sell Domain Names: A Beginner’s Guide

    In this article I will share a simple, six-step process for selling domains. This quick guide should be useful to experienced and aspiring domain investors as well as those looking to sell their first domain. The six-steps...

    • Posted October 21, 2010
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  • A $250 Million Bet That Social Is Just Getting Started

    Facebook, Amazon and Zynga are committed to helping social startups taking investments from newly created $250 million fund. TechCrunch has the story. “Major industries are just beginning to reorganize themselves around social, and that a lot of disruption is going to...

    • Posted October 21, 2010
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  • 5 Incredibly Useful New Apps for Bloggers

    I’ve recently come across new web apps and plugins that can save bloggers a lot of time and maybe a bit of sanity. These all come highly recommended for the serious blogger, but are sure to get...

    • Posted September 14, 2010
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  • Twitter Link Roundup #3 – Domain Names, Marketing, Web Development

    Welcome to the third edition of the @DotSauce Twitter link roundup where I share a selection of tweets that represent some of the top news and resources related to the domain industry, web development, WordPress, online marketing,...

    • Posted September 10, 2010
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  • Twitter & Facebook Domain Marketplace For Sale

      DNMarket launched on Twitter in March 2009 as a service to domainers who had just started to embrace the new social service. All the early adopters wanted in on DNMarket, a public marketplace that was easy to...

    • Posted July 22, 2010
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  • Featuring More Domaining, Development, Business Content at

    My personal web presence at has been around for over a decade and has gone through many different concepts and designs. A new update is nearing completion and I’d love for you to visit. I will now...

    • Posted July 12, 2010
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  • Firefox Heatmap Study Reveals A Web Developer’s Best Friend and Worst Enemy

    In preparation for the upcoming launch of Firefox 4, the Mozilla Labs team has undertaken an extensive and detailed heatmap study of their main browser window. Nearly 10,000 test pilots participated in the study, 9,667 users to...

    • Posted July 2, 2010
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  • DotSauce Forum Prize Raffle Winners

    This is a quick update to inform you of the winners for our Q&A forum grand opening prize raffle. In just one month, the all new DotSauce Forum has brought together over 60 members who have shared...

    • Posted July 1, 2010
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