Poll: Will .Co Domains Become Mainstream in 2011?

By on December 15, 2010
Will .Co Become Mainstream in 2011?

Throughout the year .Co has had a successful re-launch of the Columbian ccTLD as a global TLD alternative to the crowded .Com space. Over 600,000 .Co domain names have been registered to date.

The latest announcement from CoInternet is that GoDaddy.com will feature a 30 second commercial segment during the Super Bowl game that is dedicated exclusively to introducing .Co domains.

GoDaddy has sponsored the Super Bowl since 2005 and has grown from a 15% market share to the industry leader, capturing over 50% of the market. CoInternet hopes to gain the same momentum by being featured in the big game. The opportunity looks very promising.

Aside from GoDaddy, many other leading registrars have partnered with CoInternet and are promoting .Co more enthusiastically than .Com domains.

Sponsorship deals have been arranged for virtually all leading domain industry publications (including DotSauce Magazine) as well as other major web and print publications such as Website Magazine. Twitter is also on board, using T.co URL shortener as the default.

Make Your Prediction

I have been watching coverage and commentary on .Co domains since the beginning. Feelings seem to be evenly devided between accepting .Co as a success and disregarding it as fools gold.

This poll aims to put the debate to the test. I’m interested to know if you think the general public will use and recognize the .Co domain extension in 2011.

Please take a moment to cast your vote…

Will .Co domains become mainstream in 2011?

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Please share this poll with your friends and associates to see what they think about .Co. Then come back soon to see the results.


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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IUCYX76CKXIA3SG4W5CTUE6VKA Sanbio

    All the no’s in your poll have no idea what they are passing up…

  • http://www.pliablepress.com/ Michael Martin

    I’d love it if they did. Not normally a Godaddy fan, but a move like this that will blast them into the mainstream view is definitely a big step forward in making them more acceptable.

    The problem for me at the minute is that if I told someone my website was .co, they’d probably think I meant .co.uk :(

  • Bill F

    Perversely, I see this as a possible boost for .us domains in the longer run. It’s great that Godaddy is doing this, but I can’t see millions of Americans building a business on a Colombian domain. Obviously, no mention will be made of Colombia during the commercial, but word will get out (especially if there is any political friction with Colombia), and that will call attention to ccTLDs, which in turn will call attention to .us.

    Long shot? Yeah. But any increased awareness of ccTLDs in the US is good.
    Certainly people will make money in .co (not least Bob Parsons), but I see it slipping in the long run.

  • John Fulton

    I hope .co does well in 2011.

  • Monte

    Yes – .co is on its way to becoming mainstream now with 600K new registrations from all over the world. It is a great choice with many keyword options still available

  • Anonymous

    I would argue that the .ME domain will be the big winner in 2011. We’re already seeing major sites like About.me launching. .me is attractive from an Internet user’s point of view, more so than other extensions like .co and .tel and even .com. .co is too similar to .com and doesn’t have the user friendly appeal and naturalness of the word me.

  • Phillip Cowell

    In think that .co will do any significant growth in 2011, one would have to understand the amount of money and time to change consumer behavior. It takes years and something like this, with a high volume (>10%) of people thinking and doing .co instead of .com…. will never happen any time soon.

    .us thought so
    .me thought so

    .org thought so
    thought so

    years and a lot of marketing money by businesses actually using them.

  • http://x.co/EGXP DomainersGate LIFETIME AD $999

    in my opinion, the .co TLD has reached its saturation and the best .co domains are already registered

  • http://blogwebsiteforsale.com Blog Website for Sale

    i think the internet is changing, moving away from domain names to APPs…

  • Ryan N

    how can you compare domains to apps. totally different avenues.

  • Damon

    Lol. .ME is so restricted to types of monetization. .ME failed because it has no real value from a commercial aspect.

  • Damon

    .ME = massive restrictions
    .US = Massive restrictions and why would someone limit themselves to a country TLD when your market is global

    Don’t compare .CO to the likes of the abysmal .ME and .US. .CO is on a completely different level.

  • Damon

    .CO will overshadow it, rendering the .US domain name worth next to nothing.

  • Damon

    Correct, it will take time. 5 years to get out there is sufficient to get a true gauge of the real market value of .CO. 4 more years to go for investors to find out if they make or break.
    Unfortunately the many idiots that registered long winded names or names that have only 1K value as a .COM that thinking that they will have any real value are going to lose money. The real winners will be the ones with 1 word names and very lucrative keyword names or LLL’s