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By on January 28, 2008 coupons

UPDATE: We now have an exclusive coupon code!

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While at DomainFest Hollywood last week I made sure to stock up on free stuff! Upon registration, DomainFest provided everyone with a sweet laptop tote bag which came in handy to store all my other freebies.

Thanks to all the sponsors who gave me free promotional items! (Notepad, Pen & Hacky Sack), Modern Domainer (Leather Folder, USB Hub, Bottle Opener), Parking Panel (T-shirt), (Flip flops), Domainer’s Choice Awards (Alarm Clock).


There were several more trinkets and doodads, but I would like to share a photo of a special T-Shirt with a 10% Off coupon code from the generous domain registrar. Thanks for the shirt!


I hope you enjoy the coupon code which will bring you one of the lowest prices on domain registration in the industry! (Just $5.39!)

I haven’t used in the past. You can call me cheap, but I’m going to be taking advantage of this offer.


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