How To Customize The New PayPal Checkout Page

By on September 24, 2010
paypal new checkout example

PayPal has just introduced one of the first major changes to its checkout process in years.  Shiny new branding and checkout page styling options are being rolled out for merchants to take advantage of.

The new checkout pages have been rated faster in usability testing by PayPal which helps tremendously to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Also introduced with the update are custom payment page styles which allow PayPal members to include two branded logo images and surrounding border colors displayed as a gradient.

New page styles can be applied to all of PayPal’s eCommerce options:

  • Buy Now button
  • Checkout button
  • Donation button
  • PayPal Shopping Carts
  • PayPal Website Payments

Follow these simple steps to create a custom style for your PayPal checkout.

Step 1. Navigate to Profile Summary

Step 2. Navigate to Custom Payment Pages

Step 3. Add New Page Style

Step 4. Enter Your Logo Image URLs

Your logo should be resized to 190×60 pixels. It’s a pretty small space, so be sure to eliminate any whitespace in your logo by cropping it first.

The large 750×90 pixel banner image and additional border color options are also available, but are optional.

Step 5. Enter Color Code

You may find the Colorzilla addon for Firefox or EyeDropper extension for Chrome helpful for this step.

Do not include the # sign when pasting your hex color code here.

Step 6. Set Default OR Add Page Style Variable to Code

Once saved, you have the option to make your new custom page style the default for your account.

If you accept payments for more than one business or service, I recommend you add the “page_style” variable to define the name of a style for each of your checkout buttons or shopping cart code.


Your PayPal checkout should now feature your logo and accompanying colors. Here’s to a better branded, more seamless checkout experience for your customers!

Are you happy with these improvements? Are you planning on using all of the new page style options or just some? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts or consider sharing this how-to guide with a fellow PayPal merchant.

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  • Cdigitalpc

    Thanks for the info. I am curious how a customized page will affect a merchants security certificate as customers check out. What I mean by this is that when I first created my computer and electronics store web site, I created a customized pay pal page complete with our logo and everything. Later, it was brought to my attention that when customers would go to check out using pay pal, they would see the “broken lock” icon which signified an unsecure site at the bottom right corner. After some trial and error, I discovered that my logo on the pay pal page was causing this. As a very amateur and self taught web site creator, I am sure there is a simple solution to this, but I found it easier just using the base page just to be safe

  • Mark Fulton

    The problem may have been that your logo is not hosted on a secure server. Thanks for your comment.

  • Muhammad Haris

    I was hoping to see a live preview on your AQDN site.

    Apart from that, this is a great step by PayPal. I hope they will add my country to the list of supported countries someday. :)

  • Luis

    wonder if one can disable the checkout page enhancement I am really wanting to do that since I am missing sales because of this new checkout page problems

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  • Brian T. Phelps

    You forgot to mention that the two images you add should be located on HTTPS servers. Otherwise, when a customer hits your checkout cart, they are likely to encounter the deadly message asking them if they want to visit a page that contains insecure information. This can be a deal-killer to nervous nellies who don’t understand the ramifications.

  • Mark Fulton

    Thank you for that note. I just did a bit of a search and came up with for free SSL image hosting for use with PayPal.

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  • Karen Scharf

    This is brilliant. I just upgraded to a business account to get rid of the crappy email address. Excellent to know that there is an even better way. And generous of you to share! I always find your blog posts useful and this one is no exception.
    Thanks again

  • 2010

    Has anyone else experienced serious inconstancy with the new paypal checkout? It changes for the new to the old design every few hours. Switches between a pay with paypal and pay with credit card centric page.

    I know web merchants are often hysterical but the A/B testing is affecting my sales. Customers currently have to click through to a second page (old design) to pay by card – I have changed no settings. Any help gratefully received.

  • Olala_be

    I, i use usually paypal, i didn’t know this tool yet. Thanks for the info

  • Jeff

    Awesome addition, learned alot here as always.

  • m@ri@nn@

    See if Customise your Payment Page > Options (Tab) > Add a customer service survey is checked.

  • Randall

    There is a better way to customize the checkout.

    Don’t use a logo image. Do not enter a logo url.

    On the header use https url to a 920 by 90 graphic. I know that paypal says to use a 750 by 90 graphic, but 920 by 90 looks better on the enhanced checkout. It is centered on top.

  • Shamimtoo127

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  • Tiny Miner

    Paypal does mention that you need to host the image on a secure server (HTTPS) but you probably don’t want to invest in an SSL certificate to secure your site. The good news is that most hosting companies offer a free shared SSL certificate that you can use to get rid of that error and make your customers happy! Just upload the customized image to your hosting and then contact the customer support and ask them how to make a secure link for the image using their free shared SSL certificate.