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GoDaddy Begins Marketing Premium Listings to VIP Accounts

By on October 4, 2011

Late yesterday, I received an email from my GoDaddy Account Manager informing me of a very interesting new service. VIP accounts are being offered exclusive access to a master list of Premium Listing domains and will soon be able to setup keyword alerts to monitor domain listings of interest.

If you’re not familiar with Premium Listings, it is essentially a domain aftermarket setup within GoDaddy’s storefront. Any domain managed with them can be priced and featured within the registration path of those searching for similar domains. I’ve previously written about some of the success I’ve had and how to setup Premium Listings on GoDaddy.

Here is the message I received from my account manager with the interesting parts highlighted:

Many of my clients are actively using our Premium Domain channel as a way of acquiring high value domains for a very small investment. In several situations, paying more money for the one right name is better than pay registration fees for 10 mediocre names.

I  have access to our master inventory of domains currently available through our Premium Domains offering. I want to help you build the value of your portfolio by making sure you’re buying the right domains, not just a lot of domains. Let’s run some searches from our list to show you that there are many domains you might be interested in acquiring. What specific keywords or niches are you actively looking  in when buying domains?

We have been hard at work developing a tool that will allow us to sort through the massive inventory of premium domain assets and being alerted when new names are added based on your keywords. This was very much a manual process up till now. Please send me your top 5-10 keywords as soon as possible.

Just a simple reply from your email with the keywords will help me to set this up.

This is great news for both buyers and sellers. It looks as if VIP account holders will soon be able to target current Premium Listing domains of interest by keyword and monitor new listings as they come in.

VIP account holders are a great audience to market the new service to. I’m sure this will bolster sales as domain buyers sign up for keyword alerts and discover good deals.

Presently, domain investors are associating the Premium Listings aftermarket with selling because there is no easy way to browse or discover good deals.

If the new service offering does well, I’m sure GoDaddy will consider making a Premium Listings keyword search and alerts tool available to the public.

Would you be interested in signing up for Premium Listings alerts? Will this encourage you to list your domains? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts.


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