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By on April 26, 2010 has been kind enough to share exclusive coupon codes with DotSauce readers in the past, so I thought I would pass on the latest news concerning changes to their WHOIS privacy service. announced recently that their private WHOIS service, which was traditionally free, will now cost $1.99 per year.

Because of the sudden change, they are providing a promotional coupon code FREEWHOIS to remove the fee when registering or renewing domains.

DNW has noted that some customers are upset, stating concerns that they have a large number of privacy protected domains or that they should have been informed directly. Honestly, I don’t think this was a significant enough policy change to warrant a mass mailing.

Lets put this pricing change in perspective…

  • No registrars that I know of offer free WHOIS
  • Use coupon code FREEWHOIS to have the $1.99 fee removed.
  • It’s still free.

Enjoy the coupon code and give a little break; I always see them working hard to serve their customers!

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