Outsourcing End User Domain Sales Leads with Fancy Hands

By on November 16, 2012

Outsourcing time consuming tasks related to Domaining is something that I’ve thought about over the years, but never really had the opportunity or budget to hire for.

Then along came Fancy Hands, an innovative new company offering US-based personal assistants on affordable subscription plans.

My main interest after signing up was to receive a return on investment, so I sent out my first task requests for end-user domain sales research. I started this experiment with no expectations of what the Fancy Hands assistants might come up with.

Below are my initial task request trials and the domain sales leads results.

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Trial 1: Research businesses who use the term “Sale Du Jour” or “Du Jour”

I am interested in selling my domain name SaleDuJour.com and would like to find potential buyers. If you would please research and compose a list of businesses who are using the term “Sale Du Jour” or related terms suffixed with “Du Jour” for promotional or branding purposes. Please include contact details (name, email, phone, URL) where available. Thanks!


I received 7 comprehensive leads that included all the contact details I requested and short notes and example copy from the website for reference.

I can tell that this assistant took the task to heart and considered which results would be good candidates for owning my domain. Thank you Julie B. for an impressive first result.

Trial 2: Research websites or businesses that host photo caption games

I am interested in selling my domain name CaptionGame.com and would like to find potential buyers. If you would please research and compose a list of businesses, applications or websites that host photo caption games or contests. Please include contact details (name, email, phone, URL) where available. Thanks!


I received a spreadsheet list of 15 caption websites and applications names and URLs. There was no contact information immediately available, though in this case I didn’t really expect there to be.

It turned out to be a valuable list of leads, saving me significant amount of time. I can navigate to these websites and gather WhoIs information with one-click using my handy domaining bookmarklets.

Maybe I should offer the bookmarklet to the Fancy Hands assistant? That could automate the automation so to speak, though it may not be useful in some cases with private WhoIs or websites using sub-domains.

Trial 3: Research Electronic music discussion forums

I am interested in selling my domain name ElectroForums.com and would like to find potential buyers. If you would please research and compose a list of Electronic music discussion forums. Please include contact details of owners (name, email, phone, URL) where available. Thanks!


I was a little disappointed to see that only 3 electronic music forums were found for this task. I’m sure there are dozens of them, which was the primary reason I chose this domain for the request.

To this particular Fancy Hands assistants’ credit, they did include a name and email address for each of the three forums and that’s one less thing I’ll have to search for as in the previous trial.

I may try this task again with different wording, so that the assistant won’t place so much emphasis on finding contact information.


Overall I was pleasantly surprised with the sales leads and satisfied with the time savings. I’ll be tailoring my outreach emails to these new contacts and hopefully garner some interest in a shiny new .com domain name. Speaking of, would you believe you can automate your domain sales emails as well?

I will continue to use Fancy Hands to outsource end-user domain sales leads and hopefully take advantage of round-the-clock assistants help for other tasks. They could be the secretary I’ve always wanted, but couldn’t afford until now!

You can sign up for Fancy Hands through this link and receive 50% off your first month of tasks.

I would love to hear your reaction and thoughts on this experiment.  Are there other ways you might use Fancy Hands to automate your online business?


About Mark Fulton

Mark is the Founder of DotSauce Magazine and a full time web developer, domain investor, SEO and online marketing professional residing in North Carolina, USA. Visit MarkFulton.com for information on freelance website development, SEO and consultation services.
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    hmmmm nice article dear thanks.

  • Chris

    Super handy if you don’t know how to use google.

  • http://www.dotsauce.com Mark Fulton

    I searched Google myself prior to each task request and determined the assistants would have a sufficient number of results to research and save me the time.

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    Hi Mark,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of days now and believe me; everything I have read so far, has inspired me. I really enjoyed your article “Domain Flipping – Advanced Tips & Techniques”. In fact, I am now ‘seriously’ planning to get into this social media thingy soon for marketing and branding of my domanis/services.

    Anyways, coming to my question. You’ve mentioned that you are happy with what you have received from FancyHands. So I am curious to know whether you have managed to sell any domains to the leads?


  • Marchisio Marc

    Very Interesting!

  • http://www.dotsauce.com Mark Fulton

    Thanks for your kind comments Marie. I will have to get back to you regarding the outcome of my FancyHands experiment, I am on month 2 of tasks and haven’t contacted the leads yet. Stay tuned for an update.

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