Chrome Instant: Load Websites Automatically While Typing Domain Names

By on February 7, 2011
Chrome Instant

The latest update to Google Chrome brings an exciting new feature that will save users time and increase direct navigation to websites. That’s right, Google Instant search is finally coming to a browser URL bar near you after much anticipation.

Webmonkey and the official Google blog report that a new release of the Chrome web browser is currently being rolled out. Updates include faster 3d graphics and access to the new app store, which happens to have lots of great apps for web professionals. But what I’m really excited about is the new Chrome Instant feature.

In addition to having Google search results appear instantly while searching in the URL bar, users will be able to begin typing a domain name to have the most relevant website load automatically.

[Header Image: Robert Scoble, Othar introduces Google Instant, Sep 8, 2010 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution]

Direct Navigation Gets a Speed Boost

The future of direct navigation to your favorite websites is just one or two keystrokes. Users currently need to enable this new feature in Chrome’s Basic settings. (Highlighted below)

Once enabled, you’ll find the fast paced browsing and searching to be very useful. Navigate to your favorite websites instantly, without the aid of your Enter button. This feature is powered by browsing history and Google’s prediction technology.

Some may interpret this change as a shift away from domain name direct navigation, when in actuality it is a very welcome shortcut that utilizes the domain name system. Memorable brands could see a significant increase in website traffic as loyal customers now barely have to think to access websites.

Chrome Instant makes visiting a domain easier than a Google search again. And, of course, it’s easier than finding a Facebook page.

Your Domain As Your Brand

Web developers, entrepreneurs and small businesses owners should work towards using quality domain names. Domains which are concise and catchy, easy to remember, pronounce and spell will benefit from lots of valuable type-in traffic.

A recent study shared by eConsultancy found that just 3% of traffic to eCommerce websites comes from social media, while a staggering 46% comes from brand familiarity. The domain name is a valuable resource for any business and should be a centerpiece of branding efforts.

I believe Chrome Instant will be a popular new browser function and may become a default feature on Google Chrome and other browsers. How do you think Chrome Instant will play out? Do you enjoy the faster browsing experience?

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  • Michael Bilde

    Pretty nice feature.

    But I noticed that if you use this feature in one tab and it begins downloading a site (without you pressing Enter) and you then immediately open a new tab in order to go to another site, it will stop downloading the site on the original tab and go back to where you started. So if you like to switch quickly between new tabs, you have to press Enter for the sites to fully download.

  • Editor

    People who will hate this:
    1) Typosquatters
    2) Small site owners with long domain names. More interesting sites may popup and distract user before the user finishes typing your domain name.

    People who will live this:
    1) Folks that make money off type-in domain traffic.

  • Omar Aloyoun

    Won’t such a feature open a new door for typo-squatters too?
    As a typo-based site will be showing at the moment a typo is occurring by a viewer typing the URL bar!

  • Mark Fulton

    Good question Omar. This won’t happen because Chrome will only navigate to known websites using your browsing history and Google’s prediction engine or when a complete domain is entered.

    If a word is being typed that is not recognized in your history then Google search results will appear instantly.

    I suppose this could cause .CO domains to receive unintended visitors in cases where someone was typing very slowly.

  • Gay Escort

    I feel like there’ll be a ton of websites that will just disappear with this feature, the question though is if google will filter out the good ones from the bad ones.

  • Isaas

    Even if that is initially the case I’m sure Google will act quickly to prevent that from happening. The last thing they want to do is send you to the wrong site as that could cost them users.

  • Replacement Windows PA

    Great post … i am always use google chrome but i never try this feature. It looks very interesting and attractive feature i will try this as soon as possible.

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  • Seo Specialist India

    I am going to bookmark your site and keep checking for new information. Keep it up.