12 Useful Browser Bookmarklets For Domain Name and SEO Research

By on April 28, 2010

A bookmarklet looks and works just like a normal browser bookmark, but contains simple JavaScript code to perform a unique task. Bookmarklets put some amazing tools and resources right at your fingertips and save you time.

In this article the bookmarklets may appear like regular hyperlinks, but you will need to drag and drop these links to your browser toolbar or save them as bookmarks for them to function.

Consider creating a folder to drag them to if you plan on using many.

Domain Name Bookmarklets

These bookmarklets, when clicked, will provide you quick access to important information about the current website you are browsing.

Bookmarklet: DomainTools (Drag & Drop link to your toolbar)
Description: Redirects to WHOIS lookup for the registrant of the domain you are currently browsing. This includes such information as name, address, email and phone.

Bookmarklet: Alexa Info (Drag & Drop link to your toolbar)
Description: Redirects to Alexa traffic rankings and data on current website. Provides a glimpse into the popularity of a website.

Bookmarklet: Compete Info (Drag & Drop link to your toolbar)
Description: Redirects to Compete report; another popular traffic rankings provider.

Bookmarklet: Archive.org History (Drag & Drop link to your toolbar)
Description: Directs you to the complete archived history of any domain dating as far back as 1996.

Bookmarklet: Estibot Appraisal (Drag & Drop link to your toolbar)
Description: Loads an automated appraisal report on current domain. Estibot reports consider the keywords within a domain name and analyze many factors to produce a valuation along with other interesting data.

Bookmarklet: Delicious Saves (Drag & Drop link to your toolbar)
Description: Searches Delicious bookmarks history for any saves from the current website.

Bookmarklet: BackTweets (Drag & Drop link to your toolbar)
Description: Scans the current website for any mentions on Twitter. Automatically detects shortened URLs as well.

SEO Bookmarklets

These bookmarklets will help you quickly analyze and research key factors effecting search engine ranking performance.

Bookmarklet: Show NoFollow (Drag & Drop link to your toolbar)
Description: Highlights all links on a page designated as NoFollow.

Bookmarklet: SEOSiteCheckup (Drag & Drop link to your toolbar)
Description: Directs to a very comprehensive SEO and page performance report by SEOSiteCheckup.

Bookmarklet: SEOMoz Linkscape (Drag & Drop link to your toolbar)
Description: Directs to SEOMoz linkscape report for information on links to current domain and mozRank.

Bookmarklet: TouchGraph (Drag & Drop link to your toolbar)
Description: Launches the TouchGraph visual Google browser to explore related sites and see how they connect. Requires JAVA.

Bookmarklet: Pingdom Test (Drag & Drop link to your toolbar)
Description: Performs a live website loading time test. Watch as Pingdom loads each element of the page and find out how it performs.

I hope you enjoy and make good use of these domain name and SEO bookmarklets. While you’re at it, be sure to drag DotSauce Magazine into your browser bookmarks as well!

Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions for another tool or service that could use a bookmarklet and I will consider adding it to the list.

Update: I’ve featured 10 more time saving domain & SEO bookmarklets just for you.


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