Bido Successfully Auctions First Domain on Launch Day

By on June 19, 2008 a unique new domain auction marketplace has launched today. Bido will be hosting a single high-quality domain name auction per day with expert commentary and research.


First Auction a Success

The domain name “” was successfully sold at Bido auction for $911 to “TheMadHat” which I can only assume is Aaron Chronister of Mad Hat Media Group, LLC (SEO and Marketing specialists). Congrats on the purchase Aaron!

Upcoming Bido Domain Auctions

DotSauce has been approved as a Bido expert! Be on the lookout for my comments on upcoming auctions. Here is a listing of the next week of domains to be auctioned off, starting with tomorrow. in 18 hours in 2 days in 3 days in 4 days in 5 days in 6 days in 7 days

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