Bido Charity Domain Auction on April 1st to Support Arizona Animal Rescue Center

By on March 22, 2009

The domain industry is banding together to support an Arizona animal rescue and sanctuary center that has been hit hard lately and needs money to pay for animal feed.

bido.gifSahar Sarid and Jarred Cohen of are organizing a live domain portfolio auction of several donated animal related domains. The live auction will happen on the Bido website on April 1st 2009 at 1PM EDT!

Donna Mahony, a wonderful lady I had the pleasure of meeting at DomainFest, discovered the animal shelter in need of our support.

All of the auction proceeds will go towards feed for the animals (burros, horses and others) at a non profit lifetime animal sanctuary in Arizona, Hacienda de los Milagros.

Visit the Official Bido Charity Auction page for continual updates or to bid.


It takes $500 a day to feed the animals there, and that doesn’t take into account vet bills. The local vet has already donated many thousands of dollars in care as the shelter just can’t pay.

Donated Portfolio of Animal Domains up for Charity Auction by Jarred Cohen of by Jarred Cohen of by Donna Mahony of by Donna Mahony of by Alan Dunn of by Alan Dunn of by Alan Dunn of by John Martel of by John Martel of by Bob Olea by Al of by Al of by Kevin Davis of QuickFlipper.Com by Stephen Douglas of by Colin Pape of by Sahar Sarid of by Sahar Sarid of by Sahar Sarid of by Sahar Sarid of by Patrick Ruddell of by Robbie Ferguson of

Visit the Official Bido Charity Auction page to place your bid of support to purchase the portfolio of animal domains!

To submit your animal related domains to the auction
please email jarred @ bido .com

Thank you to Donna and for putting on the charity event!  Unfortunately, I don’t have any animal domains to speak of but I hope this post will help out.

My prayers are with the animal sanctuary to protect the animals and to bless those that give!

A side note for domainers… these domains will be featured this week on Bido prior to the charity portfolio auction:


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