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  • Google Teams Up With Snap For New AdSense Revenue Opportunity

    SnapShots is a relatively new web based technology that allows your website visitors to visually preview external content. (Sorry Feed Readers, you will have to visit the site to see this one in action!) I have tried,...

    • Posted November 8, 2007
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  • How To Easily Find Popular Keyword Domains

    Step 1: Google AdWords Keyword Tool Visit the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and enter one or more keywords or longtail keywords (popular phrases) on separate lines. Here is a list of keywords I used as an example...

    • Posted November 7, 2007
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  • How To Cloak Affiliate Links & Why You Should

    Masking or cloaking affiliate links is an important step you should take when adding links to your websites or blogs. This practice of redirecting your affiliate links can be accomplished through .htaccess instructions, meta refresh tag or...

    • Posted November 5, 2007
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  • Domain Name Investing 101

    Just like stock market investing, domain name investing can be tricky. There are many questions that you have to ask yourself… Buy only brandable names? Current trend type domains? Only .com’s? Break out into newer extensions? Hold...

    • Posted November 3, 2007
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  • Four Letter .COM Domains ALL Registered!

    The 4 letter .com domain niche, better known to domainers as names, is soon to be moving into a new phase. The amount of remaining four letter combinations for the dot com TLD as of the...

    • Posted November 2, 2007
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  • Free Magazines for Domainers

    This article features two of the leading domain news industry print magazines. Check out the links below for some form of free subscription, I encourage you to support them both! Also, please don’t forget where you found...

    • Posted November 2, 2007
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  • Free SEO and Domain Tools by DotSauce

    I have just rolled out a fresh sampling of web applications that you can use for free right here on DotSauce. The majority of these tools focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and improving your ranking on...

    • Posted October 26, 2007
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  • Avoiding Domain Parking Accidents

    The Domainer’s Gazette has a humorous yet oh so real article displaying some poorly customized parked domains. We have all seen them in our adventures across the unexplored internet. Domains which are parked with less-than-appealing graphic images...

    • Posted October 22, 2007
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  • Domain Intercepted by Investors

    Update: COWBOYS Lose Domain Name in OT A week after the Dallas Cowboys football organization bid on, won, then backed out of purchasing the domain name, the domain was sold on silent auction for $370,000. A...

    • Posted October 21, 2007
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  • Show Some Link Love & Win a DotSauce T-Shirt

    I just got a high-resolution version of my logo design so I’ve decided to emblazon the DotSauce logo on some fresh white tees. This will be an on-going contest where all entrants have equal opportunity to win...

    • Posted October 11, 2007
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