Advertising Sales: Must Have WordPress Plugin

By on January 11, 2008

21 year old web developer Simon Emery has created an advanced WordPress plugin which completely manages all your direct advertising sales. After stumbling upon this unique plugin, I immediately purchased OIO Publisher and installed it on DotSauce Magazine.

Intelligent and Customizable

The process of installing OIO Publisher went as smoothly as all WordPress plugins generally do. I emailed Simon shortly afterward asking which file I needed to edit to customize the paid text link style output. He responded very promptly and pointed me to the elusive /include/output.php file.

Everything was setup and ready to accept direct advertising sales in a matter of an hour or so. I cut out the middle man entirely and get 100% revenue from my generous DotSauce sponsors.


OIO Administration Panel

The OIO Publisher administration is very simple and user friendly. The “Business” dashboard allows you to get updates and edit settings. There are tabbed sections for managing purchases, email templates and your affiliate program.


Suggested Modifications

Soon after I finished customizing my installation, I received this concerned email from a DotSauce visitor.

“I clicked on the “Advertise Here” by curiosity about the advertising deal. But I did not get any info, if you are selling ad space in a flat fee, ppc, cpm, … basis, nor your ad rates. But a form already asking me my name, email, how I am going to pay…

STOP! If you want to sell advertising, trust me, the FIRST thing you should do is inform potential advertisers about your ad deal. Otherwise advertisers will bounce this page, and will not come back.”

Very good information to know and I am very grateful that this guy emailed me so quickly after installation. I read this and went back into the output.php file and edited a few hard coded hyperlinks to point to my Sponsorship page and then moved the actual purchase action links within that page.

I also edited the CSS styling of the payment form to match the general look and feel of DotSauce so potential sponsors would feel more comfortable.


Added Benefits

This is a screen capture of the member’s area at where you can manage your marketplace listings and affiliate earnings. OIO pays an incredible 50% sales commission for paid referrals.

Advertising Sales

This plugin will save you countless hours of data management and communication with advertisers by automatically notifying you and your advertisers about their ads and reminding them when to renew.

OIO Publisher is essentially your turn-the-key and profit solution for selling ads on your blog.

Purchase and Download

Costing you a one time $37, a bargain, a steal, a down payment on your ticket to profiting with your blogs from direct advertising sales.

OIO Publisher is a must have wordpress plugin for the serious blog.


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